MMM Seed Grants: Successful applications of the first round

The applications of the first round of the MMM Seed Grant call have been reviewed and decided by the Steering Committee. Two outstanding projects were selected from a total of 5 MMM working groups.

We are very pleased to present the successful applications and congratulate the winners!

Our congratulations go to:

Prof. Dr. Bettina von Helversen and Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka with their proposal: “Effects of Control and Directness on Decision-Making in VR”.


Dr. Felix Putze, Andrei Haidu and Susanne Stiefler with their proposal: “Formalization and VR-based Simulation of Age-related Obstacles”.

The team of Putze, Haidu and Stiefler will investigate age-related obstacles in everyday activities, while Prof. von Helversen and Prof. Malaka will initiate a new MMM collaboration in the field of decision-making. Both projects will rely in particular on virtual reality to investigate their questions. We were unanimously impressed by the quality and the fit of both projects to the goals of MMM. We are looking forward to the first results of these new collaborations!

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