Connecting the doctoral programs

Communication platform

Since the members of MMMIGS belong to different working groups and sometimes even different faculties, there are only few opportunities for spontaneous encounters in everyday work. This applies all the more under the current work regulations in the wake of the corona pandemic. For this reason, MMMIGS provides its members with a platform that enables them to contact and communicate with one another.

Members of MMMIGS’ doctoral programs can request access to the communication platform and the handbook by E-mail, stating their name, university account, faculty, and the doctoral program they are a member of.

MMMIGS handbook

Members of the graduate school get access to the MMMIGS handbook, an online collection of knowledge on the process of gaining a doctorate at the University of Bremen in the subject areas represented in the high-profile area Minds, Media, Machines.

The handbook is gradually being filled with content that is of interest to doctoral students in the various phases of the doctoral process, but also to their supervisors and to coordinators of structured doctoral programs within the high-profile area. In addition, members of the graduate school can edit the handbook like a wiki and add information themselves. They can, for example, report on their experiences at relevant conferences or with the publication process in various journals, document best practices for shaping the supervisory relationship, and exchange tips for planning workshops, retreats or summer schools.

Networking Meetings

Regular networking meetings allow the members of the MMMIGS to get to know each other and to exchange ideas. The topics of these meetings are based on the interests and needs of the members. Those are regularly queried by MMMIGS and can concern, on the one hand, the doctoral process (e.g. finding a topic, writing scientific texts or shaping the supervisory relationship) and on the other hand the research questions studied and research methods used by the members of the graduate school.

The interdisciplinary orientation of the high-profile area increases the variety of topics, methods, and approaches and is therefore an added value for both doctoral candidate and their supervisors. The content of each networking meeting is documented in the MMMIGS handbook to make it available also for those members who cannot attend the meeting.

Requesting access

Please send us an E-mail stating your name, university account, faculty, and the doctoral program you are a member of.