Qualification offers

Transferable skills training

At the University of Bremen, the support center Bremen Early Career Researcher Development (BYRD) offers a transferable skills training program specially tailored to doctoral candidates. Their workshops and information events support doctoral candidates in their research activities and provide them with additional qualifications for a scientific career, but also for starting a career outside of academia after completing the doctorate.

BYRD’s program is open to all doctoral candidates at the University of Bremen. Individual courses can, however, also be integrated directly into the study program of a structured doctoral program. Within MMMIGS, BYRD’s courses can also be offered for groups of doctoral candidates made up of members of various doctoral programs.

Scientific qualification offers

The Minds, Media, Machines Integrated Graduate School complements BYRD’s offer with a demand-tailored scientific qualification program. The focus is on courses and workshops that are of interest to doctoral candidates from various doctoral programs. This could be, for example, courses on robotics or game engines, but also workshops on research methods or research data management.

The needs and interests of doctoral candidates are regularly queried by MMMIGS. Members can vote on proposals for courses and workshops. Wherever possible, members of the graduate school should contribute their technical and methodological knowledge to the qualification program. For this purpose, MMMIGS also queries which research topics its members work on and which methods they use.


Please refer to the respective event description for information about registration.

Upcoming workshops and courses