These are our Members

Prof. Dr. Christian Freksa ( † 12.11.2020)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Fahle ( † 26.02.2020)

Prof. Benedikt Buchner (Alumnus)
Prof. Dr. Ron Kikinis (Alumnus)
Prof. Dr. Walter Lang (Alumnus)
Prof. Dr. Johannes Schöning (Alumnus)
Prof. Carsten Lutz (Alumnus)


MMM-Executive Board

The Executive Board is the central decision-making body of MMM. It determines the strategic planning in MMM according to MMM’s mission, vision and values. The Executive Board is elected by the General Assembly and headed by the spokespersons. Current members of the executive board are:  Prof. Tanja Schultz, Prof. Michael Beetz, Prof. Andreas Breiter, Prof. Rolf Drechsler, Prof. Andreas Hepp, Prof. Manfred Herrmann, Prof. Frank Kirchner, Prof. Rainer Malaka, and Prof. Kerstin Schill.

Become a member now

Scientists employed at the University of Bremen who wish to become a member of MMM send a written application (via email) to the Spokesperson(s).