Tanja Schultz joins the Expert Council “Gesundheit und Resilienz”

Professor Tanja Schultz, our beloved member and the distinguished Head of the Cognitive Systems Lab at the University of Bremen, has been appointed as a member of the Federal Chancellery’s newly established Expert Council “Gesundheit und Resilienz.”

The Expert Council on Health and Resilience is a groundbreaking initiative, serving as the successor to the Corona Expert Council. This advisory body is composed of 23 eminent researchers from a wide array of disciplines, including public health, epidemiology, ethics, medicine, and many more. The council’s mission is pivotal: to guide our healthcare system and society in responding effectively to future health crises, grounded firmly in scientific expertise.

Chaired by Professor Heyo Kroemer of the Charité and co-chaired by Professor Susanne Moebus from the Essen University Medical Center, the council represents a concerted effort to make our healthcare infrastructure more resilient and robust. This initiative is not only a response to lessons learned from the pandemic but also anticipates the challenges posed by climate change and demographic shifts.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz passionately underscored the critical nature of this initiative, stating: “To adeptly steer through future health crises, the formation of a diverse, expert council is essential. The pandemic has taught us the invaluable lesson that our healthcare system must be fortified. We are not just preparing for potential future health emergencies, but also taking proactive measures against the backdrop of climate change and demographic shifts. This broad-spectrum approach is fundamental to our resilience strategy.”

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