ASK ME ANYTHING – Artificial Intelligence

Your questions are answered by a renowned tandem of experts from research and practice:

Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler, Professor of Computer Architecture at the University of Bremen and Head of the Research Department Cyber-Physical Systems at DFKI Bremen. And Roland Becker, CEO of Just Add Ai in Bremen, who support companies in applying the latest AI solutions.

True to the motto ASK ME ANYTHING, it is about highly technical and everyday topics that burn under the nails of the listener. Whether it is the first self-driving car in Germany or the question of how we teach artificial intelligence ethics. Whether the goal is to manage your own home with artificial intelligence or to critically question texts and facts.

        “AI Grid brings together the talented young talents of artificial intelligence with renowned AI experts.
Highly specialized professional communities work on Human and Computer Interaction, Deep Neural Networks and Trustworthy AI, it’s about Robotics, Human-Machine Teams, Computer Vision and many other AI top topics. Around 50 AI communities are founded. This is how the next generation AI is created. AI Grid is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.”

AI GRID. We move decisive things.
Both speakers are available for interviews. If you would like an interview, please contact:
AI Grid and Roland Becker
Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler / DFKI

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Senior Communication Manager AI Grid

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AI Grid bringt den talentierten Nachwuchs der Künstlichen Intelligenz mit renommierten KI-Expert:innen zusammen.

The event is open to everyone: AI students, scientists and generally interested parties.

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