MMMIGS Intro2PhD: Getting started with the PhD & the basics of planning

During the summer semester 2024 , the Minds, Media, Machines Integrated Graduate School (MMMIGS) is hosting a seminar for doctoral candidates who recently started their PhD. In the first session, a number of useful first skills for a beginning PhD candidate are discussed. These include tips on how to get settled in the new workplace (and city), discussing mutual expectations with the supervisor, setting up documentation, developing a data storage protocol, and finding a work-life balance. Furthermore, the basics of planning and time management are discussed. Starting with the formal requirements for obtaining a PhD at the University of Bremen as major milestones, strategies and tools for monthly, weekly, and daily planning are introduced. This includes tips for prioritization of tasks and including self-care routines and enough sleep into the schedule. Please find a detailed description of the contents as well as conditions for participation and registration details under the following link:

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