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From Master to PhD

Minds, Media, Machines supports interdisciplinary students and young researchers at all levels. As our international Master’s program on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (AIIS) sets the stage for collaborative learning and comprehensive training in this vibrant field, the Minds, Media, Machines Integrated Graduate School supports graduate students through a continuously expanding network of offers and opportunities to study and connect. However, we do not stop there! Young researchers at the postdoctoral level are invited to engage with our research initiatives and offers to support them in establishing their own independent lines of research. For these, please feel invited to also take a look at our research initiatives and seed grants.


Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (AIIS)

The international Master’s program AIIS offers students a broad variety of research-based courses in a vibrant interdisciplinary environment benefitting from renowned researchers in the field of AI, Cognitive Systems, and robotics. Students will have access to the unique laboratories, equipment, and computing resources for their courses, projects, and theses. Many research groups offer part-time jobs as research or teaching assistant.

AIIS students receive comprehensive training in theoretical, practical, and applied AI while specializing in “Cognition-Enabled Robotics” and “Machine Learning & Cognitive Systems”, choosing one of the two as major and the other as minor. Other features of AIIS are the Guided Research Model – an independent student research project with individual supervision by a professor – and the Bremen Concept and Bremen model concept. While the latter is a project study in larger teams, the former is an independent research project with individual supervision by a professor.


Minds, Media, Machines Integrated Graduate School

Die Minds, Media, Machines Integrated Graduate School (MMMIGS) unterstützt die Promovierenden und betreuenden Hochschul­lehrenden im interdisziplinären Wissenschafts­schwerpunkt Minds, Media, Machines an der Universität Bremen.

Insbesondere fördert die MMMIGS die Einrichtung strukturierter Promotionsprogramme, vernetzt die vorhandenen strukturierten Programme miteinander und macht programm­übergreifende Qualifizierungs­angebote mit fachwissenschaftlichem Fokus. Dabei ergänzt das Angebot der MMMIGS das überfachliche Qualifizierungs­programm des Bremen Early Career Researcher Development (BYRD) sowie die themenspezifischen Ausbildungsteile der einzelnen Promotions­programme.