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Patrick Pollmeier / University of Bremen

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Welcome to the Technology Transfer & Innovation page of the Minds Media Machines High-Profile Area, where the future isn't just studied-it's built. In an age where technological advancement is not just an asset but a necessity, MMM stands as a vanguard of innovation and transformative change. Our commitment to research is not confined to academic journals; we aim to create tangible impact-both locally and globally.

At Minds Media Machines, we don't just teach, publish, or theorize; we catalyse change. This isn't just our mission-it's our promise to the future.

Technology transfer is not merely a process; it can better be described as progress. For example, Google's acquisition of DeepMind a British AI company that originated from academic research. Acquisition of DeepMind has not only commercialized its AI algorithms but also led to ground-breaking research in healthcare and energy optimization This is a classic example of how effective technology transfer management can turn academic research into real-world applications 

Some successful transfers by MMM members

Patrick Pollmeier / University of Bremen
Patrick Pollmeier / University of Bremen

Ubica Robotics, led by Georg Bartels and Jonas Reiling, who were Ph.D. students of Prof. Michael Beetz, is on a mission to create autonomous robots capable of crafting digital twins of retail spaces. Equipped with cutting-edge AI image recognition, these robots traverse the aisles of stores, capturing every detail, from products to shelves. The result? A digital replica of the physical store that allows retailers to optimize layouts, manage inventory, and enhance the customer shopping experience.

The technology transfer from the University's labs to Ubica Robotics GmbH wasn't just a transaction; it was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and vision. Ubica Robotics now stands at the forefront of retail technology, showcasing how ideas can transform industries and shape the future.

In recent years, several cases have emerged where MMM members have turned research into reality. MMM collaborates closely with ground-breaking institutes like TZI, ZETEM, ZEMKI, MEVIS,and the Uni Bremen Research Alliance. This broad network allows for easy market penetration, because, in business, your network drives the game.


Resources & Support:

Starting a new business or finding an acquisition partner for research can be challenging, often accompanied by tedious paperwork and a lack of practical approaches. There are many instances where researchers avoid commercialization due to a lack of support. Here at the Technology Transfer and Innovation office of MMM, we aim to support researchers in starting businesses, finding acquisition partners, fundraising or transfer campaigns, offering legal advice, identifying suitable funding opportunities, and providing market perspectives for their research. And anything that comes on their way to the final market.

Contact & Connect:

The MMM office is supported by Phaneendra Saya Boina, who is the dedicated Point of Contact for Technology Transfer and Innovation-related topics. His expertise in the startup arena, raising funds for businesses, writing business proposals specifically for application-based research and its monetization, and acquisition will add value to your ideas. Feel free to drop by, send a short email, or make a quick call. We are always open to supporting ideas.


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