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Junior Fellowship at the HWK for Cand. Dr. João Manuel Rodrigues: LabLinking Analytics

João Manuel Rodrigues was awarded a Junior Fellowship at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) in 2022 for his work on "LabLinking Analytics: Processing and Summarizing Joint Remote-Experiments Data in Everyday Activity Scenarios"

Fellows 2022

The Cognitive Systems Lab introduced the LabLinking (LL) system, which envisions experiments without borders, that is, experiments that are not limited by a physical space, a specific set of instruments, sensors, or devices available in a lab, thus promoting cooperation and shared expertise in conducting remote joint experiments. This project proposes several contributions to improve the current system for experiments that require motion analysis, a topic that has applicability to many domains, ranging from the arts (in dance or martial arts) to industry (worker's motion), or even to everyday activities.

Considering the amount of data acquired, we propose contributions to the analytical layer of the system, providing real-time processing of the records and displaying it in a summarized and meaningful way, more interpretable to any user, even those unfamiliar with signal analysis. We also propose to explore a specific use-case with the LL system. This will provide relevant quantitative measures of motion synchrony between two subjects performing specific gestures and remotely connected to LL, with potential for use as a training system for dance movements or work motions. Finally, we expect to have several outcomes, namely public datasets, joint publications in the signal processing domain and data visualization, as well as new processing layers to the LL and a new mode of experiment.

Fellowship: June-September 2022

Home institution at time of application: Libphys-UNL at Nova University of Lisbon Biosignals Lab/Faculty of Science and Technologies, Lisbon, Portugal

Cooperation partners at MMM: Dr. Felix Putze, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tanja Schultz