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Funding in the Millions for New AI Research Group

As part of its strategic funding initiative on artificial intelligence (AI), the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [German Research Foundation – DFG] is establishing eight new research groups. One is coming to Bremen – “Lifespan AI: From Longitudinal Data to Lifespan Inference in Health”.

The AI research groups aim to closely integrate AI methods with research fields that use these approaches for interdisciplinary themes. Thus, the integration of AI into basic research and the scientific research of AI itself go hand in hand. The new research group called FOR 5347 Lifespan AI will initially receive funding of more than four million euros for four years.

“I am very pleased about the DFG’s approval,” says Professor Tanja Schultz, the spokesperson for Lifespan AI and a professor at the University of Bremen’s Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science. “In Lifespan AI, we aim to develop AI methods and tools that model, predict, and explain the development of diseases over the course of someone’s life.” Co-spokesperson Professor Marvin N. Wright from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS adds: “We will do this by drawing on high-dimensional life span data compiled from longitudinal epidemiological studies. The data is supplemented by biological, social, and lifestyle information.”

Professor Jutta Günther, Vice President for Research and designated President, is also pleased about the establishment of the high-ranking research group at the University of Bremen and the comprehensive third-party funding that it brings. “In this endeavor, cutting-edge technologies are developed and used to generate scientific knowledge for the benefit of humanity, exemplifying the university’s commitment to answering questions about the future of our society,” Günther says. Professor Iris Pigeot, who is the BIPS Director, adds: “The research group is an excellent example of how fruitful collaboration is between the university and non-university research institutions, in this case with the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS.”


Professor Tanja Schultz
Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science
University of Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 218-64270
Email: tanja.schultzuni-bremen.de