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Prof. Gabriel Zachmann

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May 2024 // journal-article

Physically Based Real‐Time Rendering of Atmospheres using Mie Theory

Computer Graphics Forum

S. Schneegans; T. Meyran; I. Ginkel; G. Zachmann; A. Gerndt

2024 // journal-article

A Clinical User Study Investigating the Benefits of Adaptive Volumetric Illumination Sampling

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

Valentin Kraft; Christian Schumann; Daniela Salzmann; Dirk Weyhe; Gabriel Zachmann; Andrea Schenk

Oct 2023 // conference-paper

How Observers Perceive Teleport Visualizations in Virtual Environments

Roland Fischer; Marc Jochens; Rene Weller; Gabriel Zachmann

Apr 2023 // conference-paper

Versatile Immersive Virtual and Augmented Tangible OR – Using VR, AR and Tangibles to Support Surgical Practice

Anke Verena Reinschluessel; Thomas Muender; Roland Fischer; Valentin Kraft; Verena Nicole Uslar; Dirk Weyhe; Andrea Schenk; Gabriel Zachmann; Tanja Döring; Rainer Malaka

2023 // journal-article

A virtual reality simulation of a novel way to illuminate the surgical field - A feasibility study on the use of automated lighting systems in the operating theatre

Frontiers in Surgery

Cetin, Timur; Muehlenbrock, Andre; Zachmann, Gabriel; Weber, Verena; Weyhe, Dirk; Uslar, Verena

2023 // book-chapter

Correction to: Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

Gabriel Zachmann; Mariano Alcañiz Raya; Patrick Bourdot; Maud Marchal; Jeanine Stefanucci; Xubo Yang

Nov 2022 // journal-article

Dynparity: Dynamic disparity adjustment to avoid stereo window violations on stationary stereoscopic displays

Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

Christoph Schröder‐Dering; Gabriel Zachmann; René Weller

2022 // conference-paper

The OPA(3) L System and Testconcept for Urban Autonomous Driving

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Folkers, Andreas; Wellhausen, Constantin; Rick, Matthias; Li, Xibo; Evers, Lennart; Schwarting, Verena; Clemens, Joachim; Dittmann, Philipp; Shubbak, Mahmood; Bustert, Tom; Zachmann, Gabriel; Schill, Kerstin; Bueskens, Christof

2022 // journal-article

Numerical approach to synthesizing realistic asteroid surfaces from morphological parameters

Astronomy & Astrophysics

Li, Xizhi; Vincent, Jean-Baptiste; Weller, Rene; Zachmann, Gabriel

2022 // journal-article

Evaluation of Point Cloud Streaming and Rendering for VR-Based Telepresence in the OR

Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Fischer, Roland; Muehlenbrock, Andre; Kulapichitr, Farin; Uslar, Verena Nicole; Weyhe, Dirk; Zachmann, Gabriel

2022 // journal-article

Immersive Anatomy Atlas: Learning Factual Medical Knowledge in a Virtual Reality Environment

Anatomical Sciences Education

Gloy, Kilian; Weyhe, Paul; Nerenz, Eric; Kaluschke, Maximilian; Uslar, Verena; Zachmann, Gabriel; Weyhe, Dirk

2022 // conference-paper

Optimizing the Arrangement of Fixed Light Modules in New Autonomous Surgical Lighting Systems

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

Muehlenbrock, Andre; Cetin, Timur; Weyhe, Dirk; Zachmann, Gabriel

2022 // journal-article

Procedural Generation of Landscapes with Water Bodies Using Artificial Drainage Basins

Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Fischer, Roland; Boeckers, Judith; Zachmann, Gabriel

2022 // journal-article

The Impact of 3D Stereopsis and Hand-Tool Alignment on Effectiveness of a VR-based Simulator for Dental Training

IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics. IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics

Kaluschke, Maximilian; Yin, Myat Su; Haddawy, Peter; Suebnukarn, Siriwan; Zachmann, Gabriel

2022 // conference-paper

NaivPhys4RP-Towards Human-like Robot Perception "Physical Reasoning based on Embodied Probabilistic Simulation"

IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots

Kenghagho, Franklin K.; Neumann, Michael; Mania, Patrick; Tan, Toni; Siddiky, Feroz A.; Weller, Rene; Zachmann, Gabriel; Beetz, Michael

2022 // journal-article

Redirected walking in virtual reality with auditory step feedback

The Visual Computer

Weller, Rene; Brennecke, Benjamin; Zachmann, Gabriel

2022 // journal-article

Fast, accurate and robust registration of multiple depth sensors without need for RGB and IR images

The Visual Computer

Muehlenbrock, Andre; Fischer, Roland; Schroeder-Dering, Christoph; Weller, Rene; Zachmann, Gabriel

2021 // conference-paper

A Shared Haptic Virtual Environment for Dental Surgical Skill Training

IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW)

Kaluschke, Maximilian; Yin, Myat Su; Haddawy, Peter; Srimaneekarn, Natchalee; Saikaew, Pipop; Zachmann, Gabriel

2021 // conference-paper

VR-Interactions for Planning Planetary Swarm Exploration Missions in VaMEx-VTB

IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings

Weller, Rene; Schroeder, Christoph; Teuber, Joern; Dittmann, Philipp; Zachmann, Gabriel

2021 // conference-paper

Fast and Robust Registration of multiple Depth-Sensors and Virtual Worlds

International Conference on Cyberworlds

Muehlenbrock, Andre; Fischer, Roland; Weller, Rene; Zachmann, Gabriel

Sep 2020 // journal-article

A cadaver-based biomechanical model of acetabulum reaming for surgical virtual reality training simulators

Scientific Reports

DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-71499-5

2020 // journal-article

Case Report: Virtual and Interactive 3D Vascular Reconstruction Before Planned Pancreatic Head Resection and Complex Vascular Anatomy: A Bench-To-Bedside Transfer of New Visualization Techniques in Pancreatic Surgery

Frontiers in Surgery

Templin, Robert; Tabriz, Navid; Hoffmann, Martin; Uslar, Verena Nicole; Lueck, Thomas; Schenk, Andrea; Malaka, Rainer; Zachmann, Gabriel; Kluge, Alexander; Weyhe, Dirk

2020 // conference-paper

Realistic Haptic Feedback for Material Removal in Medical Simulations

IEEE Haptics Symposium (HAPTICS)

Kaluschke, Maximilian; Weller, Rene; Hammer, Niels; Pelliccia, Luigi; Lorenz, Mario; Zachmann, Gabriel

2020 // journal-article

Towards a Simulation Framework for Underwater Intervention Analysis and Training

Ai Technology for Underwater Robots

Teschner, Matthias; Zachmann, Gabriel

2020 // conference-paper

Procedural 3D Asteroid Surface Detail Synthesis

Eurographics 2020 - Short Papers

DOI: 10.2312/egs.20201020