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Prof. Olivia Masseck

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Mar 2024 // journal-article

The role of serotonin in depression—A historical roundup and future directions

Journal of Neurochemistry

Svenja Bremshey; Juliana Groß; Kim Renken; Olivia Andrea Masseck

Mar 2024 // journal-article

A Bright Future? A Perspective on Class C GPCR Based Genetically Encoded Biosensors

ACS Chemical Neuroscience

Margulan Otanuly; Martin Kubitschke; Olivia Andrea Masseck

Jan 2024 // journal-article

Illuminating the brain-genetically encoded single wavelength fluorescent biosensors to unravel neurotransmitter dynamics

Biological Chemistry

Martin Kubitschke; Olivia A. Masseck

Jan 2024 // preprint

Fluorescence lifetime imaging of sDarken as a tool for the evaluation of serotonin levels

Martin Kubitschke; Vanessa Beck; Olivia Andrea Masseck

Sep 2023 // preprint

Linking serotonergic median raphe input to dorsal CA1 with mnemonic functions

Jill Gerdey; Olivia Andrea Masseck

Dec 2022 // journal-article

Next generation genetically encoded fluorescent sensors for serotonin

Nature communications

Tim Ziebarth; Kubitschke, Martin; Pollok, Stefan; Andreas Reiner; Olivia Andrea Masseck; Müller, Monika; Wallhorn, Lutz; Pulin, Mauro; Mittag, Manuel; Bremshey, Svenja; Gerdey, Jill; Claussen, Kristin Carolin; Renken, Kim; Groß, Juliana; Gneiße, Pascal; Meyer, Niklas; Wiegert, J. Simon; Fuhrmann, Martin

Jan 2022 // journal-article

Orthogonally-polarized excitation for improved two-photon and second-harmonic-generation microscopy, applied to neurotransmitter imaging with GPCR-based sensors

Biomedical optics express

Olivia Andrea Masseck; Kubitschke, Martin; Pulin, Mauro; Stockhausen, Kilian E.; Busse, Björn; Wiegert, J. Simon; Oertner, Thomas G.

Nov 2021 // other

Improved two-photon imaging of GPCR-based optogenetic neurotransmitter sensors using orthogonally polarized excitation

Mauro Pulin; Kilian E. Stockhausen; Olivia Andrea Masseck; Martin Kubitschke; Björn Busse; J. Simon Wiegert; Thomas G. Oertner

Jan 2021 // journal-article

AAV1 is the optimal viral vector for optogenetic experiments in pigeons (Columba livia)

Communications Biology

Noemi Rook; John Michael Tuff; Sevim Isparta; Olivia Andrea Masseck; Stefan Herlitze; Onur Güntürkün; Roland Pusch

Oct 2020 // journal-article

Optogenetic manipulation of neuronal activity to modulate behavior in freely moving mice

Journal of visualized experiments

Berg, Laura; Olivia Andrea Masseck; Gerdey, Jill

Jan 2019 // journal-article

Enhanced activity of pyramidal neurons in the infralimbic cortex drives anxiety behavior


Laura Berg; Alexandra Kavushansky; Josephine Eckardt; Olivia Andrea Masseck

2018 // book-chapter

A guide to optogenetic applications, with special focus on behavioral and in vivo electrophysiological experiments

Handbook of in vivo neural plasticity techniques

Olivia Andrea Masseck

Apr 2017 // journal-article

Serotonin neurons in the dorsal raphe mediate the anticataplectic action of orexin neurons by reducing amygdala activity.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

2017 // other

Serotonin neurons in the dorsal raphe mediate the anticataplectic action of orexin neurons by reducing amygdala activity

Sleep medicine

Olivia Andrea Masseck; Stefan Herlitze; Maejima, Takashi; Hasegawa, E.; Yoshida, T.; Yoshioka, M.; Sakurai, T.; Mieda, Michihiro

Apr 2016 // journal-article

Melanopsin Variants as Intrinsic Optogenetic On and Off Switches for Transient versus Sustained Activation of G Protein Pathways.

Current Biology

Nov 2015 // journal-article

Optogenetic Destabilization of the Memory Trace in CA1: Insights into Reconsolidation and Retrieval Processes.

Lux V; Masseck OA; Herlitze S; Sauvage MM

2015 // book-chapter



Olivia Andrea Masseck; Spoida, Katharina; Herlitze, Stefan

Sep 2014 // other

Angst mit Licht abschalten

Olivia Andrea Masseck

Apr 2014 // journal-article

Gq/5-HT2c receptor signals activate a local GABAergic inhibitory feedback circuit to modulate serotonergic firing and anxiety in mice.

Spoida K; Masseck OA; Deneris ES; Herlitze S
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321576111

Mar 2014 // journal-article

Vertebrate cone opsins enable sustained and highly sensitive rapid control of Gi/o signaling in anxiety circuitry.

Masseck OA; Spoida K; Dalkara D; Maejima T; Rubelowski JM; Wallhorn L; Deneris ES; Herlitze S
DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2014.01.041

2014 // book-chapter

Use of optogenetic approaches to control intracellular signaling of G protein-coupled receptors

G protein-coupled receptor genetics

Olivia Andrea Masseck; Mark, Melanie Danelle; Herlitze, Stefan

2013 // journal-article

Modulation of firing and synaptic transmission of serotonergic neurons by intrinsic G protein-coupled receptors and ion channels.

Maejima T; Masseck OA; Mark MD; Herlitze S
DOI: 10.3389/fnint.2013.00040

Jul 2011 // journal-article

Optogenetic control of motor coordination by Gi/o protein-coupled vertebrate rhodopsin in cerebellar Purkinje cells.

Gutierrez DV; Mark MD; Masseck O; Maejima T; Kuckelsberg D; Hyde RA; Krause M; Kruse W; Herlitze S
DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M111.253674

Jan 2011 // journal-article

Light- and drug-activated G-protein-coupled receptors to control intracellular signalling.

Masseck OA; Rubelowski JM; Spoida K; Herlitze S
DOI: 10.1113/expphysiol.2010.055517

2011 // journal-article

Control of GI/O signaling and neuronal activity by light to modulate spinal cord and motor function

Journal of neurochemistry

Stefan Herlitze; Olivia Andrea Masseck; Krause, Martin; Kruse, Wolfgang; Mark, Melanie Danelle; Gutierrez, D. V.