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MindTalks: Machine Listening (Prof. Dr. Haizhou Li)


The excellence chair Prof. Dr. Haizhou Li will present a research program that aims to design, implement, and verify a biologically inspired auditory attention model for machine listening. The research group applies an anthropomorphic approach to address the challenges of machine listening with the modern paradigm of explainable artificial intelligence. This anthropomorphic approach consists of a cognitive loop which bidirectionally couples the input side of speech acquisition with the output side of speech understanding. This approach promises substantial improvements for the application of speech-based technology in real-world scenarios, such as auditory attention in cocktail party scenarios, speech recognition in multi-speaker scenarios, and general listening capabilities of robots. The research marks a turning point for those architectures in the speech processing field, which to the present day are based on directed processing from input to output.

For further information, please refer to the MindTalks website: http://www.mindtalks.uni-bremen.de/drupal/