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MMM Seed Grants: Call for Proposals

Members of the scientific priority „Minds, Media, Machines“ can now receive uncomplicated financial support at short notice to initiate collaborative research projects of at least two WGs from MMM.

The MMM Seed Grant is aimed at initiatives that aim to carry out joint research projects from MMM. Thematically, proposals should be in line with MMM’s common pursuit of excellence in general and the development of a proposal for a cluster of excellence „Living Technologies 2.0“ in particular.

Ideally, initiatives could be designed to lead to larger proposals within MMM. The current funding period is a first step in strengthening collaboration within MMM to lay the groundwork for such larger and more ambitious proposals, whose funding period is planned for next year.

MMM Seed Grants are intended for teams of at least two WGs in MMM. Applications from MMM teams across disciplines are particularly encouraged, but not required. The MMM Seed Grant amount for this round of proposals is up to 10,000 EUR per AG and grant.

For more information, please see this Template