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© Louisa Kulke
Prof. Louisa Kulke

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Institute for Psychology, Department of Developmental Psychology with Educational Psychology

Co-editor of the InMind Blog

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  • Member of the German Psychological Society (DGPs) and the sub-sections Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Biological Psychology and General Psychology
  • Member of the University of Bremen Open Science Initiative
  • Ambassador of the Open Science Framework
  • Member of the Faculty Council (Fachbereichsrat) Human and Health Sciences
  • Member of the Topical Advisory Board (Fachkommission) in Psychology
  • Mentor on the ARIADNE Mentoring Program

Selected Funding and Awards:

May 2022: Kingston Open Research Initiative Award

July 2021: Grant by the Universitätsbund Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. to conduct and eye-tracking study on attention in premature infants in social situations

July 2021: Innovation Fond Teaching to implement Virtual Reality in digital teaching

July 2021: Grant from the Emerging Talents Initiative for a research project on “Development of neural and behavioural mechanisms of attention in social interactions”, investigating differences between digital and face-to-face interactions

February 2021: CResCID Grant on the topic : “Individual differences affecting dynamic emotion authenticity perception” in collaboration with Dr Mircea Zloteanu and Dr Fatima Maria Felisberti (Kingston University London)

May 2020: DFG grant for the project „Overt and covert attention to emotional faces in realistic social situations“

July 2019: Grant from the Diligentia Foundation in cooperation with PD Dr Alexia Gaudeul and Dr Katharina Gangl on „The effect of ethical feedback on moral behaviour among economic actors“

July 2018: Selected as one of the winners of the „Preregistration Challenge“ of the Open Science Framework

November 2017: Leibniz Science Campus Seed Fund (in cooperation with Dr Pooresmaeili and Prof Schacht) on the topic “The impacts of emotional content, reward and effort on overt shifts of visual attention”

November 2016: Leibniz Science Campus Seed Fund (in cooperation with Dr Christian Valuch) on “Developing perceptual expectations: An experimental test of predictive coding theory”

May 2014: Cecily De Monchaux Research Price 2014/2015

Jan. – Oct. 2014: DAAD (German Academix Exchange Service) PhD stipend

April 2013: Cecily De Monchaux Research Price 2012/2013


  • Electroencephalography
  • Eye-tracking
  • Virtual Reality


Overt and covert attention to emotional faces in realistic social situations, DFG

Development of neural and behavioural mechanisms of attention in social interactions

Emerging Talents Initiative Individual differences affecting dynamic emotion authenticity perception (Centre for Research in Communities, Identities and Difference (CResCID) Dr Mircea Zloteanu and Dr Fatima Maria Felisberti)

Dec 2024 // journal-article

Learning from 360-degree videos on a VR headset compared to 2D videos on a monitor

Cogent Education

Louisa Kulke; Laura Pasqualette

May 2024 // journal-article

Uncomfortable staring? Gaze to other people in social situations is inhibited in both infants and adults

Developmental Science

Louisa Kulke; Sahura Ertugrul; Emely Reyentanz; Vanessa Thomas

Feb 2024 // journal-article

Coregistration of EEG and eye-tracking in infants and developing populations

Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

Louisa Kulke

Feb 2024 // preprint

Social content mitigates the negativity bias in affective scene processing – a co-registered EEG and eye movements study

Anna Fischer; Danilo Postin; Lina Johanna Meiners; Louisa Kulke; Pascal Vrticka; Anne Schacht

Feb 2024 // preprint

The impact of ethical feedback on emotions and moral decisions: a labor market experiment

Alexia Gaudeul; Katharina Gangl; Oliver Kirchkamp; Louisa Kulke

2024 // other

Can active noise cancelling headphones mitigate effects of auditory distraction on cognitive performance tasks in individuals with ADHD?

OSF Registries

Florian Schmidt-Borcherding; Sidney Stüder; Louisa Kulke
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/zubpw

2024 // other

Is the use of noise cancelling headphones related to cognitive performance in adults with and without autism?

OSF Registries

Louisa Kulke; Jule Argembeaux
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/fr2dp

2024 // other

Parenting styles and parenting phrases: Intergenerational transmission and the relation to self-esteem, difficulties in emotion regulation and gender

OSF Registries

Erika Kljucak; Christian Panitz; Nourat Alazza; Christine Beck; Julia Plötze; Louisa Kulke
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/dhv2e

2024 // other

Parenting phrases, parenting dimensions and self-esteem

OSF Registries

Louisa Kulke; Christine Beck; Julia Plötze; Erika Kljucak; Pinar Türk; Nourat Alazza
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/f2q4y

Oct 2023 // preprint

Relevance Acquisition through Motivational Incentives

Francesco Grassi; Louisa Kulke; Alex Lepauvre; Anne Schacht

Aug 2023 // journal-article

Effects of emotional content on social inhibition of gaze in live social and non-social situations

Scientific Reports

Laura Pasqualette; Louisa Kulke

Jun 2023 // journal-article

Development and validation of a natural dynamic facial expression stimulus set


Laura Pasqualette; Murugappan M; Sara Klinger; Louisa Kulke

Jun 2023 // preprint

Emotional content influences eye-movements under natural but not under instructed conditions

Louisa Kulke; Laura Beatriz Borges Bastos Pasqualette

2023 // other

Emotion-driven attention in live social situations and in laboratory contexts in children and adolescents with social anxiety

Open Science Framework

Lena Sasse; Sahura Ertugrul; Valeska Stonawski; Laura Beatriz Borges Bastos Pasqualette; Sarah J. Leikard; Stefanie Horndasch; Louisa Kulke
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/aswm6

2023 // other

Differences in perceived emotional genuineness in posed and event-elicited emotional videos

Open Science Framework

Laura Beatriz Borges Bastos Pasqualette; Louisa Kulke; Sara Klinger
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/cytrs

2023 // other

Social modulation of attention in children with autism

Open Science Framework

Louisa Kulke; Lindsey Zeichner; Iris Von Bornhaupt
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/t9nyx

2023 // other

Ich wurde gemobbt, also bin ich weniger wert als andere – Zusammenhänge zwischen Mobbing-Erfahrungen und Selbstwert

Open Science Framework

Louisa Kulke; Diana Slavcheva
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/grc3n

Nov 2022 // journal-article

Visual competition attenuates emotion effects during overt attention shifts


Louisa Kulke; Lena Brümmer; Arezoo Pooresmaeili; Annekathrin Schacht

Aug 2022 // other

Adolescents’ emotion recognition based on the visible eye region before and after government-mandated wearing of masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Open Science Framework

Louisa Kulke; Christian Valuch; Theresia Langer
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/fa5h2

Aug 2022 // other

The influence of ovarian hormones on multisensory emotion recognition

Open Science Framework

Yasaman Rafiee; Louisa Kulke; Adi Lausen; Annekathrin Schacht
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/u2cem

Aug 2022 // other

Determining salient regions of pictures with social & emotional content

Open Science Framework

Louisa Kulke; Lina Meiners; Danilo Postin; Annekathrin Schacht
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/4wrzf

Aug 2022 // other

A systematic comparison of gaze patterns in true belief, false belief and ignorance situations

Open Science Framework

Josefin Johannsen; Marina Proft; Louisa Kulke; hannes rakoczy
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/j35qs

Aug 2022 // other

Validation of the iMotions Facial Expression Analysis Software using EMG

Open Science Framework

Louisa Kulke; Hannah Gessler; Dennis Feyerabend; Annekathrin Schacht
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/75j9z

Aug 2022 // other

Validating the Goettingen Faces Database

Open Science Framework

Louisa Kulke; Laura Janßen; Annekathrin Schacht
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/c9mfq

Aug 2022 // other

Individual differences affecting dynamic emotion authenticity perception

Open Science Framework

Mircea Zloteanu; Fatima M. Felisberti; Louisa Kulke
DOI: 10.17605/osf.io/fntr8